Viva Banking Packages

Experience more financial freedom.

With the free Viva Banking Packages for young people and students, you can benefit from attractive, comprehensive banking services:

  • Private account: The right account for financial independence.

  • Savings account: With an attractive interest rate for both small and large amounts saved.

  • Maestro card: Pay quickly and easily using the contactless function.

  • Free cash withdrawals: Withdraw CHF and EUR free of charge at all ATMs throughout Switzerland using a Maestro card.

  • Credit card*: Enjoy more financial freedom around the world.

  • Prepaid card**: Add credit and make cashless payments flexibly online and worldwide.

  • Online & Mobile Banking: Easily and conveniently manage your finances from anywhere.

  • Cardless Cash: Deposit and withdraw cash using your smartphone.

  • Credit Suisse TWINT: Make convenient and secure payments with your smartphone.

* As of age 18, you can choose between a prepaid card or a credit card. Credit Cards, issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

** From the age of 12 (up to 18 years of age with parental consent).

Access All Areas: Viva webshop

Viva Banking Packages not only give you financial freedom, they also open the door to the attractive Viva webshop where there are unbeatable extras and offers waiting for you.

  • Viva Movie Days: Get a deal for two cinema tickets on any day for just CHF 13 each, including popcorn and a soft drink.

  • Offers and Contests: You can also enjoy discounted or free tickets to exciting sporting, music or cultural events. With a bit of luck, you could also win exclusive contest prizes.

  • Credit Suisse TWINT can do more than just make payments. Thanks to digital coupons and stamp cards, you can enjoy exciting TWINT offers.


Viva Banking Packages (PDF) 
Viva Young (PDF)
Viva Student (PDF)
Viva App for iOS
Viva App for Android 


Viva Maestro-Card

You already appreciate your Maestro card as a reliable everyday method of paying for purchases conveniently, without cash, and easily withdraw cash at ATMs. You can also use your Maestro card abroad. What has become an accepted part of your daily life in Switzerland now also applies to all other continents just as simply and safely thanks to the country settings. 

Viva Mastercard

The Viva credit card can be used like the Mastercard Standard but is part of the Viva Banking Package. The annual fee for the card is included in the Viva Banking Package. 

Viva Prepaid-Card

The Viva prepaid card can be used like a prepaid card but is part of the Viva Banking Package. The annual fee for the card is included in the Viva Banking Package.