Credit Suisse TWINT

30.05.2017 Use Credit Suisse TWINT to make convenient and secure payments with your smartphone. And that’s not all. It's also easy to send money to your friends and family. Thanks to integrated coupons and stamp cards, you can also take advantage of TWINT offers from a wide range of partners.

Roommate Life: Saving Money throughout the Month

23.11.2016 For more fun and money at the end of the month in your shared apartment, simply work through this checklist.

Viva Movie Days

28.10.2016 Go to the movies seven days a week? The brand new spot from Viva WG shows you how: Davis and Elie can now benefit daily from Viva Movie Days. For only CHF 13 including popcorn and soft drink, they can see the latest films every day and take a friend with them for the same price.

Youth Barometer 2016

04.10.2016 How do young people see their future? What drives them, and what role does the internet play? What do they like to spend their money on? The 2016 Credit Suisse Youth Barometer offers an insight into the attitudes, aspirations, and concerns of 16 to 25-year-olds in Switzerland, the US, Brazil, and Singapore.

Easy Cash Withdrawals Using Your Smartphone

19.09.2016 Cash withdrawals via smartphone? Precisely. With the new "Cardless Cash" function in the free Credit Suisse Banking App from Credit Suisse, you can generate the desired amount of money as a QR code and save it on your smartphone or send it via email or MMS to other recipients. Then simply scan the QR code at around 330 Smart ATMs throughout Switzerland, and simply withdraw your cash without needing a card.

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Viva Banking Packages

  • Private and savings account

  • Maestro card

  • Free withdrawals

  • Prepaid* or credit card**

  • Online and Mobile Banking

  • Cardless Cash

  • Credit Suisse TWINT

* Viva Student offers a choice of either a credit card or a prepaid card.
** Credit cards, issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH.

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