Roommate Life: Saving Money throughout the Month

For more fun and money at the end of the month in your shared apartment, simply work through this checklist:

  • Take Care of Your Neighbor's Pets
    When your neighbors are on vacation, you can feed and walk their pets for a fee. In a shared apartment, someone will usually have time. And you might meet other animal lovers along the way.

  • Cooking Together
    Buying in bulk is cheaper than buying for a one-person household. Join forces and take turns with grocery shopping. A full fridge saves money and a full stomach makes you happy!

  • Become a Hotel
    When traveling, sublet your room. By saving on rent, you can take another week of vacation.

  • Lights Out
    There are a lot of money-wasters in an apartment. Save money by switching off appliances you're not using. If you all do it consistently, you will be amazed when your next utility bill arrives.

  • Joint Laundry
    Join forces and do laundry together at least once a week. Put colors with colors, black with black; and the three white socks you would have washed alone can make some new friends. You are saving a lot of electricity and doing something for the environment.

  • Dress Warmly
    Are you generally not at home? Then turn down the heat when you leave or simply wear two sweaters. It doesn't hurt anyone and makes movie night even cozier.

  • Lunchtime
    Assign sandwich duty at least once a week. In the evening, one roommate can make sandwiches for everyone's lunch the next day. This saves lunch money, and we all know homemade tastes best.

  • Reduce Utilities
    Utilities can be significantly reduced with a little environmental awareness. Careful use of water and electricity is not only good for the environment and your conscience; it's also good for your wallet.
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