12th Zurich Film Festival

The 12th Zurich Film Festival took place from September 22 to October 2, 2016. Once again, visitors enjoyed this year's latest discoveries and highly anticipated films. In addition to awarding the Golden Icon Award to up-and-coming filmmakers, the ZFF showed wonderful films featuring national and international stars.

Credit Suisse Viva is proud to support young talent, and sponsors the ZFF 72. This year's Talent Contest as part of the Zurich Film Festival began on September 26 with the topic announcement for the 72-second short films: "Water". To celebrate the nominated film talents and the short films submitted, we arranged the Viva Night on September 30 at Folium Sihlcity in Zurich, with the ZFF 72 awards ceremony and after party.

Take a look at the two winning films of ZFF 72 in 2016: "Hyperhydrose" by Marco von Moos (Jury Award) and "Isra's Tränen" by Tim Vogt (Viewers Award), as well as all the other films submitted for ZFF 72.

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